Massage Business Policies:

These are the policies and rules that apply to all clients whether the massages be in home or at another location.

. Gift certificates are good for 1 year from the purchase date. If your gift certificates expire, they may no longer be used.
. All gift certificates must be signed by the massage therapist selling them for them to be of value.
. Gift certificates must be presented to the therapist upon arrival.
. If the gift certificate that's purchased is lost, you must provide payment for the massage work being done. (Dont lose your certificates)
. Only 1 gift certificate may be used per person per visit.
. Gift certificates may be gifted to another person, just let the therapist know in advance or ask to purchase a blank certificate at the time of purchase.
. Certificates may be used in both MN and FL.
. All sales are final and certificates can only be refunded if a doctor's note is given along with his full name and contact information and has the hospitals/clinic header on it. The doctors note must say that the person may not receive massage for a following reason now or up to 1 year. If the doctors note is given and a refund is in order, the client must drive to the therapists location to sell them back the gift certificate for the purchased price.

MASSAGE DISCOUNTS . Discounted parties are subject to change. It is the clients responsibility to stay updated with the websites current discounts upon scheduling massages. MASSAGE ENVIRONMENT
. Upon having a therapists over to do massage, the space needs to be free from the presence of drugs, strong animal odors, and must be free from dangerous amounts of clutter. Safety of the therapist and the client is a necessary must! If these requirements are not met and the therapist decides to leave, the purchased gift certificates are not subject for a refund. Provide a clean and safe environment and there wont be problems.

. All pets are allowed to be in the home during your massage. However, if your pet damages any of the therapists massage equipment, future massages can be suspended until the damages are reimbursed on for the replacement items.

. As Mitchell is a licensed massage therapist on a national level through the state of Florida. His massage license allows him to work 7 days a week from 7a-12 midnight. No in home massages may take place past midnight under any circumstances. Chair massage at events can go past midnight so long as it's at another place of business, like a bar.

. Due to the distances being traveled to bring this wonderful luxury to your home or place of your appointment, there are requirements. Below are the massage times that are required to get based on the distance being traveled. Note: traffic may affect these times if scheduled during rush hour traffic times. These times are based on the home address of the massage therapist as the most common starting point.

0-20 miles / 60 min massage
21-30 miles / 90 min massage
31-40 miles / 120+ min massage

. Cash, debit, credit, health savings accounts are all acceptable forms of payments. (Checks are not accepted)

. If you have cancer, or a serious illness, a doctors note is required to receive massage work.
. If you have an infectious skin disorder and rashes are present, you will not be allowed to receive any massage work until the skin returns to normal.

. Kids and teenagers between the ages of 7-14 must have a parent present during all massage work.
. Teenagers between the ages of 15-17 may be absent of a parent if the parent gives written consent.

. Require a $50 deposited, this goes towards the time it takes to load up and set up the cabana and extra equipment. Upon getting the beach massage, the deposit will be used towards to total cost of the massage. If the beach massage is canceled in less than 24 hours, the deposit will be non refundable. If the weather is bad and the massage needs to be canceled or rescheduled, you have the option to having your deposit refunded or used towards rescheduling your massage for another date.

. All massages will be draped to protect the privacy of the client. In the event a client does not want to be draped, a draping waiver must be signed and the client must have a towel covering their bottom section.